"Good luck with that tangent line"
— Johnny to Dets while shooting pool at the Buck

Avon Lakers History

Retired Numbers

Dan Zimmermann

Zimm is the Avon Lakers! When not telling Laker stories he can be found organizing an event. You were always in for a treat if you got to ride with Zimm on an away game. As a player, Zimm was certainly no slouch. He'd still hit .300 today with a rolled up Sunday paper.

Mick Nett

Mick was the spark plug that made the Lakers go for 25 years. While his career stats are stagering, they don't tell his whole story. He was the leader who ensured the Lakers always played smart, hard and were always having fun.


Career Leaders

Check out the career stats that go back to 1980. While this is impressive please keep in mind that there certainly was a lot of good players pre 1980.

Season Leaders

Check out the numbers that some of the Lakers put up in one year going back to 1980.
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