"We don't need ya!"
— Dan Barrerio
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Sunny skies finally found their way to Avon, Minnesota on May 25th for Slick’s 4th Annual BP/Golf Outing.
Conditions were prime and the ping of the juiced up, aluminum bats once again filled the air.
Twenty four former athletes took their cuts against the tiny right hander who went the distance on the hill throwing approximately 450 pitches.

Points were awarded as follows:
  • Single = 1 point
  • Double= 2 points
  • Home Run = 6 points
  • In the retired baseball player division, former California Angels farmhand, Mickey "Mantle" Saatzer, jumped out to an early and insurmountable lead. Saatzer slugged two deep home runs, one to right, and another bomb to right center that landed next to the apartment complex. Jimmy Bach shook of the rust from several years away from the diamond to collect a respectable 13 points to finish in a tie for second place. Dan "D.T." Terres was the last hitter to participate in the contest and was the victim of some wild pitching from his former college roommate. Terres, the former SCSU first baseman/captain, finished tied for second with 13 points. Jim "Eggy" Birr also hit a home run in the contest and finished in fourth place.


    1.Mickey Saatzer 15
    2. Jim Bach 13
    Dan Terres 13
    4. Jim Birr 11
    5. Glenny Groetsch 8
    6. Dan Zimmermann 7

    In the non-athlete/golfer division, a controversial decision we have not seen the likes of since Truman over Dewey, or the more recent Florida electoral voting scandal, was the topic of the evening conversation.
    Brian "Panther" Andvik jumped out to the early lead for the second straight year with a deep home run to left field.
    Dave "Dyno" Nett made a very strong showing and appeared to have the trophy locked up with a long 345-foot home run to left center. The former AHS shooting guard finished with 12 points. Steve "Seve" Schiffler refused to give in and came back with a strong performance of his own. Schiffler who lost the 1st Annual contest in a controversial decision awarded to Kurt Schneider, hit a home run inside the left field foul pole to draw within one point. The former AHS quarterback then took the lead when he was awarded a two point double on his final swing by score keeper Erik Wimmer, to narrowly surpass Nett for the win.
    Paul "Ebby" Ebnet, the champion of the 2nd Annual contest, made another strong showing and finished fourth, one point behind Ross Voit who finished third with eleven points. Last years champion, John Overman finished in a distant tie for sixth. The 1st Annual contest champion, Kurt Schneider, checked the early morning winds and decided not to attend.


    1.Steve Schiffler13
    2. Dave Nett 12
    3. Ross Voit 11
    4. Paul Ebnet 10
    5. Brian Hoffman 9
    6. Brian Andvik 7
      Paul Nett 7
      John Overman 7
    9. Hubby Blenker 6
      Ivan Scepaniak 6
      Tom Schneider 6
    12. Brad Andvik 5
      Steve Gretsch 5
      Richie Pundsack 5
      Red Scepaniak 5
      Toy Scepaniak 5
      Goldy Welle 5
      Scott Welle 5

    Thanks to everyone for coming. We had a great turnout and look forward to a strong competition again next year provided I am up to the challenge.
    Special thanks to Pete Schleper, Scott Dirkes, Brandon Overman, Darrell Suchy, Erick Wimmer, Mickey Saatzer and Dan Zimmermann from the Avon Lakers for their assistance with the field and concessions.
    Thanks to Hubby for helping set up the golf groups and thanks to Paul at AGC for helping with the tee times.
    A very special thanks to coach Paul Ebnet for donating the traveling trophy which Seve will hold until next year when he gets a chance to defend his title. Each defending champion is responsible for getting his name engraved on the trophy. Make sure you are there to defend the following year and turn the trophy over to a new winner. The pitcher promises to make it difficult on any defending champion.
    Next year we will adopt a scoring panel of 5 members to help take the heat off Wimm and hopefully avoid any late night controversy.
    Tentative plans for next year will be for the Saturday of Memorial weekend or possibly the first Saturday in June. Stay tuned and try to keep that date open if you can.

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